The expression of microenvironment factors in breast stem cells is regulated by hormones

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2017/06/23 14:27
Hormones affect the development of breast organs, the number of breast stem cells in vivo and the occurrence and development of breast cancer. Previous studies have confirmed that breast stem cells do not express hormone receptors, suggesting that systemic hormonal signals need to be mediated by localized growth factors (microenvironment signaling), which contribute to breast stem cells. Study on the early art researcher has revealed that the Wnt family is directly affect the microenvironment of breast stem cell self-renewal signal (Zeng and Nusse, Cell Stem Cell, 2010), for in vitro amplification of stem cells has accumulated rich experience in the use of micro environmental factors. However, the question of whether Wnt related molecules contribute to stem cell proliferation in vivo is still open to question whether they mediate hormone effects on stem cells.
In the guidance of Professor Zeng Yi Cai, postdoctoral Cheguo found that Rspo1 and Wnt4 signaling synergy in adjacent cells and expression. constitute the body of the breast stem cell microenvironment factors to promote mammary stem cell self-renewal. Further studies have shown that the expression of Rspo1 and Wnt4 is regulated by estrogen and progesterone. On the basis of this theory, a method of using hormone to amplify and maintain the characteristics of stem cells in vitro is proposed. This study shows that the hormone in mammary stem cells have an important role in the proliferation of new training methods, with hormone replacement of expensive purified Wnt protein and culture of stem cells beneficial popularization method in each laboratory, suitable for screening for stem cell hormone antagonist drugs, to provide new ideas and new methods for the treatment of milk adenocarcinoma.
The work was supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of science and technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the fund behind Dr. China, and the Shanghai science and technology commission.

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