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2017/06/23 14:25
Treg cells are a critical class of cells that maintain the immune homeostasis, and the absence of Treg cells leads to severe fatal autoimmune diseases in humans. Treg is too strong and can cause tumors and chronic infectious diseases. For a long time, the developmental mechanism of Treg cells is still unclear, and the clinical application of Treg cells has been greatly limited.
The research group China Academy of Sciences Institute of Microbiology and Immunology Zhang Fuping recently found in the Journal of experimental medicine Journal of Experimental Medicine published articles, the development of dynamic changes of E- protein in the thymus of regulatory Treg cells play a decisive role. In this process, TCR (T cell receptor, T cell receptor) signal strength determines the level of E- protein and E- protein level is decided in the thymus of double positive cells is an important factor in the development of conventional CD4 positive T cells or Treg cells. The level of E- protein is crucial for determining whether two transcription factors, c-Rel and STAT5, are critical for the development of Treg cells. Therefore, the activation of c-Rel or STAT5 can be regulated by regulating the expression level of E- protein. so as to achieve the purpose of regulating the production of Treg cells.
The discovery provides a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms underlying Treg cell development in the thymus and provides an important theoretical basis and means for regulating the immune response of the body. It has important guiding significance for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and the prevention and control of infectious diseases. In addition, because Treg cells and Th17 cells (helper T cell 17) have mutual regulatory relationship, this discovery will also provide the basis for studying the mutual transformation of Treg cells and Th17 cells. , assistant researcher at the Zhang Fuping research group, is the first author of the article, and Zhang Fuping is the author of the article.

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