Chinese Academy of Sciences: reveals the role of the transcriptional mediator Med23 subunit in neuronal differentiation

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2017/06/23 14:24
In January 6th, the international academic journal Development published online Shanghai Life Science Research Institute of Biochemistry and cell biology research Chinese Academy Research on Wang Gang research group Mediator Med23 deficiency enhances neural differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells through modulating BMP signaling. This paper reports the important role of the transcriptional mediator Med23 gene in the differentiation of embryonic stem cells into neural cells.
Wang Gang, Yao Xiao, Zhu Wanqu research group of Liang Yan students systematically to the various features of Med23 knockout embryonic stem cells and identification of dry cell differentiation. through a variety of research methods that lack of Med23 does not change the totipotency and self renewal.but will promote its differentiation into neural cells. Meanwhile, RNA interference knockdown of other subunits, such as Med1 and Med15, does not affect the differentiation of embryonic stem cells into neurons. Further study of the molecular mechanism that Med23 through regulating BMP pathway to affect embryonic stem cells to neural differentiation; specifically, Med23 to control the Bmp4 gene by ETS1 transcription factor promoter and enhancer function, thereby regulating the expression of Bmp4. In the zebrafish study of the model organism, knockdown of Med23 expression also contributes to early neural development. This work reveals the important function of transcription mediator Med23 subunits during neuronal differentiation, the embryonic stem is an internal control mechanism in the process of cell differentiation, provides a method for possible cells in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.
The work was supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of science and technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. In the course of the study, Jing Naihe and Li Jinsong, a researcher at the Institute of Biochemistry and cell biology, supported and supported them.

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