T cell immunotherapy

Recently, the advances in cancer biology, molecular biology and immunology spurred the rapid development of cancer immunotherapy. Among the various classes of immunotherapies, T cell therapy demonstrated promising therapeutic values that has been postulated to provide cures to multiple cancer indications.


In the T cell therapy procedure, patients are reinfused with autologous T cells to target cancer cells and eradicate tumor. TCR-T is a subtype of T cell therapy with enhanced tumor-killing activity and target specificity.


Principles of T cell therapy

In healthy people, T cells can recognize and wipe out abnormal cells that have been infected by virus or undergone carcinogenesis. However, due to their frequent mutations, cancer cells can quickly adapt to the selective pressure from the T cells and resist the native T cell responses, which finally leads to cancer progression.

TCR-T cells are engineered to overcome the cancer resistance to native T cells and quickly seek out and destroy cancer cells.


TCR-T therapy flowchart



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