GMP-grade and industry-scale vector production and cell manufacturing platform

Industrialized production of GMP-grade vectors and engineered immune cells are the basis for clinical development of immune cell therapy. TCRCure has built multiple cGMP vector production and cell manufacturing laboratories, which consist of three independent functional modules: a viral vector production center, a cell production center and a quality test center. We have established GMP-compliant T cell production, quality control and quality assurance SOP files. With this platform, TCRCure has completed the whole process from viral vector construction to therapeutic product delivery. The Chongqing site was launched in 2017, and the facilities in Los Angeles (US) and Guangzhou (China) will be launched in 2019.



Los Angeles California

Address:  5370 Alhambra Ave Ste F, Los Angeles, CA 90032, USA


Durham North Carolina

Address: 701 West Main St. Suite 200, Durham 27701 USA



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